Monday, October 13, 2008

Monthly Writing Challenge: October 2008

Who better to inspire October's writing prompt than R.L. Stine?

This month's challenge is to read "Meet R. L. Stine," look over some of his titles, and then write a scene for a kid's horror story that balances the scary with humor.

Feel free to post your scene here.


Betty Edit said...
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Betty Edit said...

Sorry, my formatting was off on that first one. Here it is:

Molly ran down the hall and turned the corner.

“Come back!” her pursuer called from downstairs.

She dashed into an open door to her right and stopped dead in her tracks—in front of her stood an enormous dog, almost as big as she was. It was the big scary kind like you see in movies—huge and furry, with lots of teeth. She took a step forward, and the dog took a step towards her.

“Molly!” she heard again.

He was getting closer. She had nowhere else to go. She took another tentative step. The dog inched nearer. It watched her every movement with a sharp eye, ready to attack at any second. She paused, not wanting to set it off.

“You can’t hide forever!”

He was in the hallway. Molly looked left and right, searching for any sort of escape. It was either the man or the dog. Molly was afraid of both.

She took another step toward the dog, but that was too close. It bared its teeth and started growling, and though she was afraid, Molly didn’t show it. She would fight this growling dog if she had to.

But it was too late. The door slammed behind her and the man stepped into the room, leash in hand.

“Molly!” he said. “Stop playing with that mirror and settle down. You’re only going to the vet!”