Monday, September 7, 2009

100 Days to More Brilliant Writing: Week #12

Monday, September 7 - Sunday, September 13 * Days 56-60

Whew! It's amazing how time flies, isn't it? Speaking of time, it's time for this week's prompt. This week's prompt is meant to explore the relationship between setting and character. I know you are all just quivering in anticipation, so here it is:

Choose a setting with which you are familiar, preferably someplace you lived or grew up, and create a character from that setting. Explore the setting to draw your character out of it: what sorts of people exist in that setting? What might some of their challenges be? How would someone from that setting speak, talk, or think?

Then, post your character sketch or a brief scene.


Katrina said...

Fellow writers, it is to my chagrin that I confess to you my scanty (at best) writing habits as of late. This blog blip is my first real attempt at writing since my graduation from a formal school of English and I want desperately to re-enter the cycle of daily writing. Therefore, this prompt will be the first in a long series of prompts. I mean it. Don't let me become a slacker.

Betty Edit said...

Katrina, that is wonderful news that you have taken up the pen again. Hooray for writers who write!

whirligigdaisy said...

Yes, Hooray. Only not for me. Reporting a 2 this week. I only wrote twice. I'm feeling very bummed about it. (That grunt). That's me. Getting back on the wagon.