Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Welcome New MMS Associate Members

We would like to extend a hearty welcome to your newest associate members, who earned rejection letters from Cricket, Spider, and Highlights for Children for short stories that didn't fit the publishers' present needs. Welcome! You're in good company.

In honor of our inductees, My Manuscript Stinks Society would like to invite members and readers to share their favorite rejection letter lines.

Or, if you're not in the mood for revisiting your painful past, take a moment and recommit to submitting your work to publishers. After all, 2010 is fast approaching and to remain in good MMS standing, you need to earn 1 credible rejection a year. Do your part: Submit & get rejected.

Of course, MMS also delights in celebrating successes (our motto, after all, is acceptance through rejection). We'd like to congratulate member Heather Dixon on her book deal with Greenwillow; her exquisitely crafted first novel will be published winter 2011. We'll keep you posted.

Happy writing!

P.S. We've just joined twitter.


Betty Edit said...

You know, I really just appreciate the variety of choices available for the Highlights editors on their rejection letters: too much narration or description, involves stereotyped roles, glorifies war, lacks a fresh approach, language or concepts too mature, lacks a strong plot, etc. I was glad mine was just checked with "It is not suited to our present needs."


whirligigdaisy said...

Congrats to Heather!
I'm in a very fragile state. I don't think I submitted anything last year. Does that mean I have to leave?

My Manuscript Stinks Society said...

I think counting a "rejection" at a writing conference counts--not that you were really rejected, but you weren't accepted.

MMS Society accepts all people, in good standing or not. In the end, we're just trying to slog through it all together . . . and then celebrate our triumphs.

Are you coming to this year's conference? (Check your email for details.)