Sunday, July 12, 2009

100 Days to More Brilliant Writing: Week #4

Monday, July 13 – Sunday, July 19, 2009 * Days #16 - #20

Pick a scene from a book that has a particularly high amount of emotion or passion. It can be your current project, but I suggest not using your end climax. Then rewrite the most intense part, but switch the mood. example: Romantic=Horrific, Sad=Happy, Anger=Joy, vice versa, etc. You may change words around, or tweak what is said, as long as it is done so in the same style of said book. And then, somewhere, include a fish as a prop.

Successfully complete this week's challenge and you earn the rank of Mad Fish. (Add this to your previous titles of: 1. Copycat, 2. Wordsmith, 3. Adaptor of Film.)

Remember to post your points at the end of each week.


Sail said...

I wrote a fish into my novel. Yep.

Betty Edit said...

Here is what I wrote for the prompt, though I don't think it's all that great. It's from Sharon Creech's The Wanderer (which is a fabulous book that everyone should read:

We squeezed down a narrow lane in a tiny village along the Irish coast, and we pulled up outside a wee cottage, and Uncle Dock went up to the door, and when it opened, he staggered back and raised an accusatory finger, throwing the fish he’d caught that morning to the ground.

We were all sticking our heads out the windows like a bunch of peeping toms, trying to get a better look. Then Uncle Dock was yelling and gesticulating at someone in a yellow dress, and we heard him growl, “You! Rosalie!”

“Rosalie?” we all said. “Rosalie?”

And then we were pouring out of the car, and Uncle Dock closed the door behind Rosalie so she couldn’t sneak back in and we could take a good look at her. She has the meanest face you ever saw and very narrow slitty eyes, and she was scowling the biggest scowl you ever saw, except maybe for Uncle Dock’s scowl, which was the fiercest scowl in the universe.

My points for the week: 6.

Sail said...

Looks like Betty and I are vying for the prizes. (Speaking of which, the two of us have decided to postpone the Amazon drawing.)

I wrote 6 days. I am going to do the prompt tonight. So, I will get 7 points / tickets.



whirligigdaisy said...

I've been on a hiatus, due to over stress from having to move. We actually found renters and had to move out pronto, so I've been very busy. I was hoping to jump into the fray again this week. (If you'll have me).

My Manuscript Stinks Society said...

Of course we'll have you! We'll have everyone crazy enough to pick up a pen and write!

Sail said...

The wonderful whirligig is back!