Monday, October 19, 2009

100 Days to More Brilliant Writing: Week #18

Monday, October 19 - Sunday, October 25 * Days 86-90

This is the third to last week! You can do it!

If any of you are like me, there was most likely a prompt during these past 18 weeks that you thought looked interesting, but didn't do for one reason or another. This week's prompt is to do that prompt you didn't do.

For those of you who have done all the prompts, call me and I will buy you an ice cream cone.

Thanks to whirligigdaisy for this idea!


Sail said...

The ice cream cone purchased by Betty Edit OR the repeat prompt? Just for clarification.

And Betty, why didn't you post your phone number?

Betty Edit said...

Geez, thanks for spoiling it, Sail! I was going to let everyone think YOU posted that one and then YOU would've had to buy the ice cream. ;o)

Whirligigdaisy gave me the idea for the repeat prompt, not the ice cream. I don't need help coming up with ice cream as an idea.

Sail said...

I see.

LucindaF said...

Sail's buying ice-cream? I'm in. Just let me know when so I can leave 6 hours early.

Um. No. I do not deserve ice-cream. Unless I pull an all-nighter.

But. Sail, I am moving the novel forward. It's coming together.

Sail said...

FYI: Prompts have been posted by Betty Edit, Sail, Heather, and PerkyHandmaiden. If any of the rest of you have prompts, feel free to email them to

Sail said...

Congrats on the novel progress. You should post a the URL to your web page and writing progress.

P.S. I am scrapping the whole beginning of my novel and starting over. I feel like I am writing a different book. And I am like a pendulum, swinging between remorse for losing the literary snow beginning and elation at having a way to consolidate all of the plot threads. In the end, I don't know if the new beginning will work or if the old beginning will resurface or if something else will have to happen; I guess we'll see.

Sail said...

Also, after we finish the 100 Days, we're going to try something shorter: Writing Sprints. If you have any ideas, let us know.

- - -

I think we'll finally get the slide show of rejection letters up this year, too. So, if you have any, email them to us. We won't publish the entire letter. We'll just take a snapshot of a section of it.

LucindaF said...

Carol has given me a great critique of the prologue on my site. I need to go through it and make a few changes.

But when I'm done, I'll post the url.

Scrapping the whole beginning? You are brave.

Sail said...

Rewriting: same ideas; looser style; more focused approach; better?